We elevate
to Digital Companies


Our Journey

Cantieri Digitali aims at fuelling people’s and factories’ talents to forward thinking digital companies.

Our team builds, launches and manages a portfolio of ventures across a variety of sectors and markets them in order to generate social and economic value, by leveraging our software development and product management skills. 

We are observers first of all, and we like to share our observations about the topics we care and we think could and should be improved, together with factories and talents in order to find opportunity for innovation. 

That’s the core activity of our Idea Generation phase: discussing together with talents and factories

We consider an idea an MVI only when it’s gone through the process of real customer interviews, competitive analysis, financial modelling and portfolio synergies.

We think of a prototype as an initial project to get evaluated by a set of relevant users before full development. We strive to include the core functionalities and a well thought user interaction

We analyse the data from the prototype and decide on the next steps of the MVI: further investment, re-prototype, phase out.

MVI becomes an independent company, making use of Cantieri Digitali resources if helpful


We have no office, that's why we are everywhere,

mainly in Berlin and Milan.